New host for

After a few hours of downtime and malfunction, Musiclever is fully operational again!

You may have noticed, the site has experienced loading problems in recent months, and especially in the last 72 hours. The page was loading so long that it never loaded at all! This is due to major malfunctions of the historical host. So I decided, in a hurry, to change host. Tricky stuff, but went successfully. Since then, loading times have returned as before and everything is back to normal. You can now enjoy visiting the website with greatly improved performance.

Musiclever is now hosted by o2switch, a French host based in Clermont-Ferrand.

I hope you have not been too frustrated with the difficulties you may have encountered in the last few days and I thank you for your patience and understanding.


Website fully available in English

Courses that were not translated during the previous update are now available in English.


8 new courses available in English

The following courses and quizzes are now available in English:


Free registration available

A minor bug prevented the free registration process. You can now register a free account. We apologize for the inconvenient.


Compound intervals and bug report

New exercises on compound intervals

You can now train your ear on compound intervals (larger than an octave), in the « Ear training » exercises. Also note that the logos of the exercises on the intervals are slightly refreshed, for greater clarity.

Bug report

This update adds the possibility to report a bug or an error directly on the page of the course or exercise concerned. If you identify a problem, click on the link « Report a bug or an issue » located at the bottom of the page then fill the form. This will allow us to more effectively solve the various bugs that may arise.


English translation improved and minor bug fixes

All the exercises are now fully available in English (with the exception of help for the moment).

This update fixes some minor bugs introduced during the previous translation update.


Launching English Version

Musiclever is now available in English. The translation is still in progress and some content has not been translated yet. Nevertheless, all the interface (menu, buttons, etc.) is available in English. The courses, quizzes and exercises will be translated progressively in the future. Do not hesitate to report any bugs or problem with the english version by contacting us via the contact form.