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« Learning music is not a matter of specialists. Learning music theory is too often experienced as a brake on the practice of an instrument, even a waste of time. Yet it is an exciting world that, if it is simply approached, without apprehension on the part of the musician apprentice nor rigidity on the part of the teacher, brings us to an higher level of interpretation. A musician who understands what he is playing is largely different from a musician who plays notes without seeing their meaning. To understand a musical text is to penetrate surreptitiously into the composer's head, and the pleasure of playing is all the greater.

One of the peculiarities of music is that it is accessible to all, and there is no need to understand how it was constructed, composed, assembled, to appreciate it, to listen to it and to play it. However, the effort to decrypt the text brings a satisfaction that we do not find anywhere else, and which has a direct impact on the pleasure of playing.

Musiclever.com is for all musicians, regardless of their level, who wish to explore the world of music theory. It is not intended to replace the teacher, but to help him by giving his students the necessary bases to progress more effectively in class. It will allow those who have not had the luck, the means or the patience to attend music training courses to regain the pleasure of learning music theory. Those who follow instrumental courses can, in parallel, complete their practical learning and thus "save time" during their session on the instrument that often goes too fast. »

Benjamin Martinez

The author

All courses and exercises have been written and designed by Benjamin Martinez, professional pianist and music teacher. Graduate of the Conservatoire de Toulouse and the University of Montreal, he has been teaching music education, music theory and piano for over 10 years. He is also the author of the book Créer ses partition avec Finale ("Design your scores with Finale"), published by Eyrolles Editions, a didactic book dedicated to the learning of the edition of musical scores.